Publishers Pitch 11th Edition

To build a Great Country, the people of that country must be great. Nigeria is a great Country by all standards and measure, not only because we are developing at our own pace but putting the giant strides of Nigerians across the Globe into considerations. One factor that helps build the society faster is to recognise people of sterling contributions to societal goods. This Edition of The Exponent Magazine featured two outstanding personalities who celebrated their birthdays recently. Coincidentally, both of them are from the same Home Town and top members of the Nigerian Government.

Professor Ibrahim Agboola Gambari, the Chief of Staff to the President is a globally celebrated personality, over the last four decades and remain a Colossus till date. He attained the age of 76 years on 24th November, 2020 and his detailed accomplishments are well captured in this Edition as a mark of honour to this personality of note. In the same light, Senator Ibrahim Yahaya Oloriegbe, Senator representing the Constituency of the Celebrated Chief of Staff to the President also clocked the age of 60 years on 12th November, 2020. His distinct performance in the National Assembly as the Chairman, Senate Committee on Health attracted our attention to chronicle his rise to stardom and excellent delivery of dividends of democracy to his constituents.

Nigeria witnessed the loudest civil disobedience of the Decade recently. It was mobilised through the social media via #ENDSARS. What started like a genuine movement against the excesses of bad eggs in the Police Force snowballed into chaos and violence. Where the promoters and underwriters of the mismanaged protests claimed hoodlums infiltrated their fold to carryout the dastardly acts of maiming of Police Officers and Stations, arsons against public and individual properties, the acts of blockage of roads and laying siege on government properties by the protesters themselves constitutes an act of pyromania. Those who plotted evils have their faults but those who ignorantly assist them to succeed in executing their evil plans, are guilty of cruelty.

Each Discipline Has Style of Communication and each Line of Duty With Specific Rudimentary Education. We all desire good living with all the luxuries life can offer, that’s not a yardstick for venting uncontrollable anger on the Government, when it doesn’t exist in isolation. The people elect people into power and those in power are reflections of our state of morals. This Edition of your darling, The Exponent Magazine captured the conspiracies against President Muhammadu Buhari as moment of darkness and captured the escape route for the President and ingrain his name in the minds of generation yet to come.

The Pandemic obviously created unprecedented economic challenges, this can best be accepted as a reason for anger across the Country, but it is not a justification for the cruelty that marked the #ENDSARS protests. Everyone has a right to anger in form of protest, but not to seize the opportunity to stamp violence as an order in the society.  This Edition also feature several other interesting piece on the #ENDSARS and the need for concerted efforts of well meaning Nigerians against Crimes.

Discoveries of several plots by pretentious Governors with ploys to achieve devolution of power from the central, featured in the lead story, while the cover story detailed the consequences of the rage witnessed recently. This Edition is a block buster that revealed machinations of bounders with orchestrated plans to throw the Country into palpable tensions and underscore the achievements of the present administration. Also featured are the 17 major Social Intervention Programmes of the BUHARI Administration, which centered around Youth Empowerment and showed that the President has priorities for Youth Empowerment and Developments. Enjoy the read.


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