9th Edition of Exponent Magazine: Publishers Pitch

It’s an era of commiserations and sober reflections due to departure of well meaning Citizens in droves. Bridge builders whose indelible marks in the prints of time can never be erased are lost in unprecedented manner in the last few months. Where Covid 19 is biting hard with its venom, bandits and kidnappers are inflicting pains on helpless Citizens. The surging issues in our societies berate our determination for a productive economy and enhanced security of lives and properties.

The account of landmark contributions of eminent citizens whose souls returned to their Creator is enough as motivation for their kith, kin and the societies at large to toll path of positive virtues. The lead story of this Edition of The Exponent Magazine, succinctly appraised the administration of Kwara State under the leadership of Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq, establishing the facts of his ascendancy to the exalted seat of Governor, to the exemplary feats of his biological father, whose achievement as the pacesetter in legal profession in Northern Nigeria is second to none. At the press time, Late was added to the name of Alhaji AGF Abdulrazak (1927 to 2020), one can only hope that Governor Abdulrahman will come to the realization of the fact that, he has to fulfill the wishes of his father for the betterment of Kwara State.

The issue of school resumption and educational management under the circumstances of Covid 19 are well captured in this edition, putting into considerations, the challenges of the government and advocacy for school resumption by the populace. If markets and other businesses are already in full operations, schools can be opened in compliance with safety measures, however, the observations of noncompliance of majority of Nigerians with the safety measures are equally narrated with a view to educate the people to comply with rules and regulations under this Covid 19 era.

The promotion of Lanre Jimoh to the rank of Commissioner of Police and his 56th year birthday, talent hunt as a means of Youth Engagement and the conversion of Hagia Sophia back to a Mosque after 86 years of conversion to a Museum are all featured in this Edition of The Exponent Magazine.

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