It’s no longer news that the infectious Coronavirus disease since it’s a breakout in China and subsequent spread to another part of the word has been declared a pandemic by WHO. Owing to fact that the disease as of this day has no cure, developed countries with the best health care system are being humbled by the deadly virus with hundreds of thousand deaths recorded due to the virus.

Nigeria the most populous black nation with a devastating health system is not left behind from the global disaster, Coronavirus cases in Nigeria had increased gradually from one, two imported cases to a community spread of over 400 cases. Despite Government efforts to curtail the spread of the virus by ordering the closure of Nigeria border, total and partial lockdown of activities as the case may be.

The National Youth Council of Nigeria in a statement released by the National Public Relations Officer, Comrade Olugbode Damola Hammed laments the spread of the virus now in the community, with fear of the situation going out of control citing the increase of new cases a judge.
“The increasing pattern on COVID-19 cases in the country calls for serious attention with confirmation of patients with no travel history or contact with a known confirmed case. It’s obvious the virus has moved to our communities and everyone has to be more careful with the virus must be stopped with every means possible before going out of control.”

Government at different levels has begun massive sensitization of citizens about the virus and the need to stay at home, avoid social gatherings and high personal hygiene. However, the Youth Council believes the Government needs to do more as the majority of the populace still finds it difficult to believe the sincerity of the government in tackling the virus.

Damola argued that there should be proper handshake from Federal to Local Government in the fight against the Corona Virus, efforts should collaborate adequately and social distancing should be enforced from the local community. It’s a mockery of the effort if the country suspends activities in the name of lockdown yet people mingle at the community level, play football, drink at joints and even visit worship centers.

He concluded his statement by urging the government to be holistic with the palliative provision for the people. Hunger is another factor why people disobey stay at home orders with little or no recourse to the implications of flaunting such orders, politics should be set aside in distribution of relief material hunger knows no party he said.

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