Peace returns to the National Youth Council of Nigeria as all factions of the council have unanimously adopted Amb Sukubo Sarai-Sukubo as President.

The crisis rocking the council finally came to rest at an extraordinary Management meeting of the National Youth Council of Nigeria held at Port Harcourt Rivers State where the four factional Presidents of the council, Comrade Bello Bala Shagari, Amb. Sukubo SaraIgbe Sukubo, Amb. Oladele John Niyi and Comrade Almustapha Asuku Abdullahi announced their decision of unanimously adopting Amb Sukubo as the President of the Youth Council.

Comrade Bello Shagari Speaking at the meeting stated that the success of the day can only be attributed to moving the council forward. In his words “Today we have done what many viewed impossible, today we can embrace and shake everybody irrespective of our different roles in the time of crisis.” While apologizing to everybody he might have offended in the cause of defending his mandate, he pleaded all his actions are to drive a course he believes in not a personal vendetta. ” Today we have made compromises for the sake of council. I am stepping down not because I feel am wrong or I am incapacitated not my mandate in not genuine I am doing this for the progress of the council” he added.

Amb Oladele John Niyi also speaking at the meeting implore all and sundry to speak good about the decision of the factions to adopt Sukubo as President retreating the decision as a sacrifice to prove the council “Prior to this day the Youth Council has been in the state of comatose, almost making it to the grave. Today we took the bold step and we are the heroes of the Youth Council, instead of glorifying some people.” He returns all glory to God while narrating to the meeting how he was inspired to make the move of unity and starts reaching out to the other heads for unity and peace to reign in the council. He further stated that the decision to step aside is not money motivated rather in the best interest of all.
He further sends a signal to the leaders to support the decision as there is a resolve to retire them from the council with something to benefit from.

Comrade Almustapha Abdullahi also lends his voice to the unity decision appreciating all that supported his administration throughout the trying time apologizing to all that may feel offended with the decision they have taken. “The decision is in the best interest of the council, not the winner take all. It’s our interest for the youth to move forward, we implore the leaders to learn from what is happening here today. I apologize to all at pain with my decision but implore them to take the development in the best interest of the council.”

The adopted President of the Council Amb Sukubo SaraIgbe Sukubo in his acceptance speech assured the Youth Council family of an all-inclusive leadership where all will be carried along irrespective of our previous factions or alliance. ” I accept the responsibility repose on me and I shall live up to expectation, the story of the council will leave from which faction are you to a respectable position in the heart of Nigerians. This government will not be reclusive but a government for all, we are bound to experience a new dawn in the history of National Youth Council of Nigeria.” He said

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