Accolades To Senator Oloriegbe @ 59: An Elegant Achiever

Until you study the antecedents of some public figures, their present status might be mistaken for sudden flight. Senator Ibrahim Yahya Oloriegbe is a man of many accomplishments and those who are familiar with his contributions to humanitarian services during his practice as a reputable Medical Doctor will attest to the exemplary nature of the disciplined and conscientious Senator representing the good people of Kwara Central at the National Assembly.

Unknown to the general public, the versatility of this icon of integrity in politics and apt understanding of the dynamics of Kwara Politics contributed immensely to the current wind of hope in Kwara State. Alas, he doesn’t sing his own praises and not a fan of undue publicity.

At the peak of the last electioneering process, his experience as a former majority leader of Kwara State House of Assembly (1999 – 2003) boosted his confidence in the display of sound political strategies, which was emulated by the teeming population in the changing family.

As a giant figure with intimidating biography, his leadership of the Senate Committee on Health isn’t happenstance and observers of the health sectors are already expressing positive nods to the actions of his led committee. Senator Ibrahim Yahya Oloriegbe has undoubtedly proved to be a very disciplined, dependable and reliable personality with a commitment to social and human developments.
On this occasion of your 59th year birthday, we pray for God’s maximum protection over you and your households.

May God guide your heart towards the fulfillment of your determination to genuinely represent the good interest of the people of your constituency. May your desire for a better Kwara State come into proper fruition.

“Warafana Laka Dhikiraka”
You are a true HERO

Courtesy: The Exponent Magazine

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