In the face of gloomy situation of incursions here and there in different manners, can we still claim native intelligence as the pride of black people? With beautiful cultures that promotes love, harmony and mutual trust, ordinarily, the current travails of insecurity shouldn’t have arise if we had maintained the solid foundation of standard education where national orientation and emotional security were captured. These should have aided the developments of the people in manners where security of lives and properties wouldn’t be a random check, with cautious behaviours and respect for orderliness. The best of conducts were last seeing in our societies as far back as 1976 until the administration of General Muhammadu Buhari in 1983 restored discipline with fiat, and this vanished since 1985 till date.

It was in the bid to reinvent the extinct respect for law and order that facilitated the re-emergence of President Muhammadu Buhari after 30 years of previous reign as Head of State. The self-confidence displayed by President Buhari in the heyday of canvassing for support to return to the seat of power must come to fore now than ever, as the ugly trend of poor handling of affairs of governance by his appointees is capable of ruining the good antecedents of Mr. President if not properly checkmated. In victory, appraising the level of general acceptability by the populace greatly matters, in forming strategies and implementation plans in the buildup to a populist’s administration. Bill Clinton was a great performer as a President of the United States but had moments likened to the present challenges currently faced by President Muhammadu Buhari bothering on limitations of self-confidence. As recorded by Stanley A. Renshon in High Hopes…. Self-confidence, like intelligence, has important consequences for a president’s performance, many of them positive. It is a personal resource that can be reassuring to the public, especially during difficult periods, and it can buttress the president as he attempts to grapple with complex political or policy issues. However, there are dangers to a president with too much self-confidence. The chief danger is that self-confidence will evolve into grandiosity and overconfidence.


The National Orientation Agency must be put to task in collaboration with other related agencies especially the security agencies, to hype national orientation in line with the current prevailing challenges. The National Youth Council of Nigeria has 109 affiliate organizations with well trained and intellectually grounded cadres that suit purpose of addressing current challenges, one can only hope that the Federal Government will give deserving attention to get the Youth Council effective like their good old era. Who will remind the President that most of his directives are not implemented to the latter by those he trusted with their implementations? Who will remind those trusted with the mandate to implement government policies that they should not live by bread alone? And who will remind the populace that President Muhammadu Buhari means well for Nigeria and that the masses must not relent in their unwavering support and reject all machinations of his detractors? It’s left to President Muhammadu Buhari to watch his back and not get carried away, he should read the ominous signs correctly and act in best manners to safeguard Nigeria against bad wishes of war mongers and propellers of insecurities.

Democracy as the best form of government was designed with strong ideals and assumptions that citizens possess high sense of patriotism. Sabotage of efforts of government by unpatriotic citizens involved in jejune and illicit acts detrimental to collective goods constitute threats to growth and advancement of democracy is many climes. In the case of Nigeria, at every point when divinely appointed leadership attempts to facilitate groundbreaking economic prosperity for the downtrodden, some saboteurs from nowhere usually clog the wheel of progress. The terrible fates befell Nigeria on several occasions in the past, notable among the sordid event occurred when the Military terminated the First Republic exactly when the Regional Governments commenced massive socioeconomic developments. Those that maimed Sir Tafawa Balewa in 1966 Coup definitely suffered wrong orientation, but surprisingly, they enjoyed unimaginable support of certain elements within the Nigerian State, what an irony.

Every other Coup and failed Republic occurred because the President/Head of State failed to read signs and understand the implications of allowing wrong orientation to spread among citizens. Violence or clamping down by security agents against opposition forces planning to bring an administration down doesn’t lead to disorientation most time, in actual fact, clamping down without firstly cajoling the populace to understand the dangers posed to them by the innuendo of the agents provocateurs, usually lead to sympathy.

Revolution is not just a mere slogan; it’s a catalytic expression capable of creating unrest in the society at any given time. It’s time for the Presidency and everyone associated with Mr. President to wake up to the realities of current state of minds of  average Nigerians already brainwashed with concept of human unlimited freedoms under democracy. When you measure the rage and warped logic on contemporary issues in the societies being expressed on the social media, then gauge the mood of the people at the grassroots level, thereby ruminating on state of insecurities and the partakers, one won’t hesitate on the essence of enhanced security and disorientation exercise across the Country, to forestall a real revolution in no distant future.

The signs are ominous and very easy to identify. Once the President and his think tank read the signs wrongly and assumed their detractors lacked massive support of the populace or deficient in power to launch frontal attack against the government, the administration will suffer terrible fate. These happened to Sir Tafawa Balewa in 1966, Aguiyi Ironsi in 1966, Yakubu Gowon in 1975, Murtala Muhammed in 1976, Sheu Shagari in 1983, Muhammadu Buhari in 1985, Ibrahim Babangida in 1993, Ernest Shonekan in 1994, Sanni Abacha in 1998, Olusegun Obasanjo in 2007 and Goodluck Jonathan in 2015. All these occurrences happened with different backgrounds and sponsors, but it had one thing in common, the involvement of western powers that despises constant stability of Nigeria.

A stable Nigeria is a prosperous Country, a cynosure of the whole world, a Country with enormous resources to surmount any odd and can emerge as a global economic force through constant stability. The world powers cannot afford to witness the rise of any African Country as a world power and the only way to forestall that, is to tap into our weaknesses to promote instability when the need arises. If this is a disputable fact, how do you qualify the alledged support of Amnesty International on the call for revolution in Nigeria? It’s easy to assume that the Former Libya President – Muammar Gaddafi suffered that ugly fate because he overstayed in the leadership of the Country, how do you explain the fates of President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali of Tunisia, President Ali Abdullahi Saleh of Yemeni, President Bashar al-Assad of Syria through the revolution called Arab Spring years ago and most recently, President Abdelaziz Bouteflika of Algeria. If this doesn’t resonate, the case of President Mohammed Morsi should make sense as a legitimately elected President with massive support from overwhelming population of Egyptians, a revolt swept him out of office for his failure to read the signs correctly.

The major parameter for a revolt to occur is poor orientation among the populace, a menace very prominent in our societies today. Once the people are brainwashed to believe in making things regarded as “impossible” becoming “possible”, the deed is done already. Let’s come to terms with the current state of politics by Atiku Abubakar; he attacks the government regularly with propaganda/blackmails to attract continued sympathy from his supporters, with a target to ensure that his teeming supporters despises the current administration (Post June 12, 1993 tactics that threw the Country into series of crises). From Dubai, Atiku’s Lawyers and PDP are creating wrong impressions to the whole world, against the victory of President Muhammadu Buhari at the last Presidential Election despite facts that abound that his case at the presidential Election Tribunal and claims are on wrong footings. Since the signing of Yuan/Naira deal with the Chinese Government by the President (though yet to be implemented) agents/representatives of American Government have not hidden their fury against the Nigerian Government…. The crucial message is that President Muhammadu Buhari and his core kitchen cabinet members should advance their thoughts in the right perspectives and without violence, calm strained nerves and institute intellectual means of engagement of citizens in a reorientation exercise against disorientation on one hand, beefing up appropriate security networks across the Country on the other hand, to properly abate the spate of insecurities within the nook and crannies of our societies.

Clear conscience and good intentions are things of the mind, even, when it reflects in characters and actions, the overall benefits to the subjects are the deserving attestations. Words without propensity of actions in the best interest of the populace are not hallmarks of sensitive leaders. It is when words are marched with required actions and remarkable results that true reflections of clear conscience and good intentions ensues. Many people that don’t believe in veracity of prayers before the health challenges of President Muhammadu Buhari (miraculously vanished) now believe in prayers. That’s the practical manifestation of what a genuine leader of the people must take as a proper guide.

The Almighty God says in both the Holy Qur’an and Holy Bible ” Call Me and I will answer you” Then, the lovers of President Muhammadu Buhari around this time two years ago, prayed to the Almighty God to restore the good health of Muhammadu Buhari, so that he can fulfill his promises of good governance, enhanced security and fight against corruption. God yielded to the prayers and Muhammadu Buhari didn’t only return from his sick bed from the hospital alive, his life-threatening ailments vanished and also rewarded by God with a second term in office as President of Nigeria.

Does this not remind religious people of stories of three people in dire need of divine intervention on their poor state of economy and power? They called God and He yielded to their requests and uplifted their status to enviable heights. Suddenly, time for them to help the needy with their wealth knocked at their doors, instead of showing gratitude to God with commensurable feat, they declined and failed to redeem their pledges to God. All those within the seat of power wielding influence in government today, but panicked during the health challenges of the President for fear of losing their enviable offices as facilitated by the President that failed today to implement the directives of the President to the latter are not different from the bald, the leper and the blind represented in that historical reminder.

The followers of Elzakzaky are good reference point on issues of sympathy. Someone under whose authority of the now proscribed Islamic Movement of Nigeria attacked Military Personnel in Kaduna as reported in the media have foot soldiers that abandoned education and careers to continuously protest daily over a period of time, despite regular dispersal of their protests by the security agencies whenever they constitute nuisance with their protests, they continued to increase in population rather decreasing and just few days after the proscription of their movement by competent court of jurisdiction and categorized as a terrorist organisation, they surprisingly regrouped under the symbol of “SHIITES” massively to resume protest on 1st August, 2019. Another reference point is the Biafra Movement, the members still observed a sit at home order in 2019 despite proscription of the movement over a year ago, an exercise to address disorientation among some class of citizens becomes sacrosanct except the government wish for a self-peril.

Does democracy have boundaries in the real sense of it? What are then the boundaries of democracy? In the simplest form, the limits of individual’s rights and privileges are the boundaries of democracy. Ordinarily, that democracies have boundaries is not contextual, but mischievous ones among social crusaders with tenacious tendencies of note making on human rights and liberties advanced their thoughts towards tailored belief that the rights of citizens under a democratic dispensation, especially the freedom of expressions and rights to protest are unlimited. This situation is replica to the mindset catastrophe of 18 years as adulthood in our clime.

Where we borrowed the culture of 18 years as adulthood, the system already provided the economic privileges and social system for an adult by law not to err and minors are treated as minors. Acculturation and enculturation have ruined both traditions and conventions of black people to a degree where we have now surpassed the other continents in the complications from premature adulthood of 18 years where children not above chastisement, counseling, tutelage and guidance assumed the mentality of “an adult” as such responsible for actions taken which birthed infantile expeditions and widespread social vices in our societies at large. That someone is 18 years and above doesn’t imply that the person is above parental control. Even with right work placement, marriage and financial independence, persons below 40 years still follows Elders’ Counsel when cultures suffice properly in our societies.

With the level of religiosity among Nigerians, one would expect strict compliance with moral stands of religions, which only worked when adulthood was pegged at 40 years, an era where married couples receive regular guidance from their parents and adhere to them despite financial autonomy most time. This is a subject for another time; it just featured here to explain how the 18 years classification of adulthood has gravely affected sensibilities of the younger generation and the rise of poor orientation on spheres of life, a generational lapse that needs correction. Most Nigerians below 50 years fall under the septic of poor orientation through poor parenting and wrong societal influences, which is another challenge, where are those that will then correct the anomalies of poor orientation regarding the limitations of freedoms under democracy.

It is a relief that most of the Ministers that constituted bane to the actualization of a visionary government didn’t return to the cabinet and replaced with outstanding personalities such as Dr Mohammed Mahmud, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, Dr Isa Pantami, Sunday Dare, Festus Keyamo and a host of others with required understanding of the dynamism of leadership expected by the masses. In the few years spent by Dr Mohammed Mahmud as the Board Chairman of Universal Basic Education Commission, universal education is already wearing positive looks and the results are already manifesting in the redefined purposeful administration of UBEC. On the part of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, though he inherited a highly security volatile Osun State where criminalities was very high in 2010, when he emerged as Governor of Osun State but his purposeful leadership installed high powered security of lives and properties in less than one year of his emergence.

Notable among his security initiatives was the discharge of a helicopter for regular security surveillance and payment of allowances to security agents that formed task force that restored normalcy to the affairs of the people. His approach was not conventional and even violated the extreme view of human freedom, as inhabitants of the State with gangsters weary looks were subjected to ridicule by the task force; this was eventually addressed, but the level of moral standing highly increased under his leadership of the State. With someone like him as a member of the Federal Cabinet, his presence should serve as morale booster for the government especially on emotional security.

In general appraisal of security concerns in Africa, experts of behavioural science are culpable in void over the context of emotional security, for no other reasons than assumptions. Assumptions without facts are the bane of security challenges in Nigeria, as we mostly conclude and judge matters based on mere assumption even in the face of glaring evidences in some cases. Dr William E. Blatz an early scientists in connection with emotional security said, all behaviour of an individual in all areas of his life can be interpreted in terms of security. When peasant farmers are living in fear of plant ruination by farm invaders, how do you encourage farming among the downtrodden that can’t afford farmland fencing and hired security watch?

In theory of emotional security, the goal of every person, regardless of age, status and income level is to achieve a sense of security. According to the theory by W. Blatz, he defined security as a sense because a person who feels secure perceives himself as free from danger and security is defined as a subjective feeling which involves two components; experience of adequacy in a particular situation where a person feels that he is able to cope with the situation and a sense of adequacy to meet the future consequences, which finds itself in the ability to anticipate and predict. (Blatz, 1966)

The response of government to the spate of kidnapping and armed robberies is highly worrisome, what will it cost the Federal Government to reconstruct tollgates on our highways for adequate security measures? The confidence of travelers on highways will even be boosted with assurances of trusted security outfits at tollgates. For the avoidance of doubt, with helicopter surveillance on highways, checkmating crimes through the tollgates will be eased with appropriate application of technology. Knowing full well that they can’t escape arrest, kidnappers and armed robbers will be jittery to even operate on highways while similar operations can simultaneously take place under the coordination of State Governors across local governments in their States.

Blatz equated security to a sense of confidence and effectiveness, despite the fact that a sense of effectiveness largely depends on circumstances and people around us- Olga Zotova. (Emotional Security of people) President Muhammadu Buhari must redirect energy of government towards national orientation with emphasis on emotional security. Happiness must be created in homes and across the societies with a view to stabilize the minds of the populace towards a prosperous nation – only achievable through adequate securities of lives and properties. The national orientation must be well funded to undertake the onus task of educating the younger generation in particular, to guide their emotional security understanding towards proper respects for rights of other people in the society. If we can admit that good sense of patriotism is found lacking among high percentage of our population, then we should understand therapy aversion as a means to safeguard the future. Now that Churches and Mosques mostly don’t focus on guidance on moral principles, other than hate preaching and outlandish, it must be the sole responsibility of government to direct the educational institutions and every other means of communication to restore morality into the societies at large.

To whose advantage is the arms proliferation and who are the beneficiaries? It’s time for the President to fully activate the power of hire and fire. How can the President direct his appointees to discharge specific duties and will not receive feedback on full compliance, yet keep these appointees as if he owes them special rewards for impugning on his hard earned integrity? In understanding pestilence, the outbreak must be confronted with adequate research and barricade the spread. The preponderance of firearms is a pestilence that must be cordoned off the societies. Those earlier licensed to sell guns whose licenses were pronounced withdrawn by the Inspector General of Police must be probed to double check their level of compliance.

The boundaries of democracies are the best qualification for declaring the Islamic Movement of Nigeria as a terrorist organization for violent displays at their so called protest where DCP Umar and Channel TV Correspondent (Precious Owolabi) – were murdered during gun duel between IMN Members and officers of Nigerian Police. The freedoms guaranteed to citizens by democracy are not limitless, but how often did the government engage citizens on the boundaries of democracy. Many people are in prison today for not understanding the boundaries of democracies, where freedom of speech is guaranteed by the Constitution, freedom after speech bothering on grievous public incitements, propaganda and blackmails are not guaranteed, every citizen of school age must be well orientated to understand this germane standpoint.

It will amount to great disservice, mischief and vendetta if all those Campus and Community Cult Groups terrorizing their host communities, causing panic and committing heinous crimes in the societies are not declared as Terror Organisations. Most of these cult groups are registered under freedom of association but their obvious activities amount to terror against the people. Many lives have been lost to their operations and nothing substantial have been done to checkmate their operations up till now.  The major worry is the involvement of secondary schools students in cultism across the country, giggles for the spread of social malaise across secondary schools without check. Who will checkmate these dreadful circumstances?

The promoters of this social malaise have different format for coarsening the unsuspecting pupils into their folds through wrong orientations, tapping into emotional security to brainwash them into derailment. Emotional security can be said to be responsible for spread of social malaise via unemployment, youth restiveness, poverty and insecurity. When you watch Nigerians trooping to a location where one spiritualist with claim of supernatural powers to perform miracles is located, emotional security is the underlying factor. Instead of relying on hard work, good planning and positive strategies, the assumptions that prayer solves all problems or the notion that all human encounters have spiritual solutions added to the poor orientation in our societies.

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