The continuous attack on Nigerians in South Africa is an affront on Nigerians in entirety and daring ridicule of our existence. The barbaric act has become and unending phenomena of the South Africans against Nigerians, the regard for our nation has degraded to a level where killing Nigerians is almost synonymous to Ram slaughter.

South Africa is fast discriminating against Nigerians in an inhumane manner, exhibiting man inhumanity to man. The criminal silence of the South African government is a crime against humanity and an act of conspiracy; if perpetrators of the evil doings are often brought to justice certainly fear of prosecution will arrest future occurrences.

Officially, 127 Nigerians have been lost to the animalistic act in a short while, though the unofficial number will be more alarming. The fate of Nigerians still in South Africa is bleak, their security is compromised and they leave in fear, however, South Africans in Nigeria enjoys the best of the treatment ever, they are loved, patronized and Secured without any fear whatsoever.

The rejection of Nigerians by South Africa becomes clearer when they granted seven countries visa-free entry which captures Ghana but excludes Nigeria. The message is clear we want them but they don’t want us, yet our lives should not be the price of loving them, these we condemn in totality.

The leadership of the National Youth Council of Nigeria hereby calls on the government of Nigeria to promptly address the killings of her citizens and insult on her country by the South Africans. The contribution of Nigerians during apartheid is too great to be undermined in this manner. The killing is unbearable, silence is no more golden, Nigerians at home are more worried, for injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere.

Nigeria Youth will be forced to begin mobilization to shut down South Africa Embassy and business outlets in Nigeria if meaningful measures are not put into place, the gentility of a lion should not be taking for timidity. We can’t be dying in South Africa while their business continue to flourish here in Nigeria.

Nigeria Youths are however advised to keep calm while the NYCN leadership ably piloted by Amb Sukubo Saraigbe Sukubo consults and consolidate with appropriate Quarters. We enjoin you all to keep a peaceful atmosphere the struggle is for all for we shall fight the injustice logically and tactically. We are responsible people and we shall continue to be the same.

Comrade Olugbode Damola Hammed
National PRO
National Youth Council of Nigeria

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