A good sense of history avails opportunities to conscientious minds to be well guided with facts, figures and historical antecedents of germane issues mostly related to collective good of the people. The same agents’ provocateurs that threw NYCN into turmoil in 2015 have suddenly resurfaced with another version of deceitful tactics to once again lay siege on the recent achievements recorded by the genuine leadership of NYCN ably led by Amb Sukubo Saraigbe Sukubo.

“When lice abound in your clothes, your fingernails will never be dried of blood” For you not to have blood stains on your fingernails, you have to ensure that lice are not harbored anywhere in your home. It’s quite unfortunate that despite our relentless effort to unite the council, run an all-inclusive government devoid of faction, the lice of division, distraction and controversy are still within as such our fingers will not be dry of blood. The charade that occurred somewhere in Abuja where losers in previous NYCN contests and leadership tussle gathered to declare a coup on the leadership of NYCN in a Gestapo manner clearly exposed their lack of respect for humanity.

To imagine that one Oladele John Nihi who to the best knowledge of the general public is a Special Assistant on Media to Senator Dino Melaye was declared by one Imo Ugochinyere Ikenga who is equally to the good knowledge of the general public (is or was) an aide to Senator Bukola Saraki and the Spoke person of the Coalition of United Political Parties (CUPP) a platform of political propaganda and blackmail against the government of President Muhammadu Buhari. Sane minds should be able to simply understand their real motives and intentions for such declarations at this moment when the national polity is heated with propaganda of different kinds.

It’s crystal clear that the political racketeers with prime motives to sustain their forsaken platform for derailing the good cause of NYCN from 2015 to 2018 – hitherto ended with harmonization of previous factions in 2018 which produced the current leadership of NYCN under NYCN President – Amb Sukubo Saraigbe Sukubo whose leadership acumen and productive style of administration is driving NYCN to greater heights a situation that angers those with fangs of horror and held NYCN in captivity through subterfuge over the past few years.

The latest antics of protégé of subterranean forces whose motives to drag NYCN into the political turmoil and Gubernatorial Contests in Kogi State is well understood. For the avoidance of doubt, Oladele John Nihi was part of the self declaration of Ikenga in 2015, he later abandoned that vain structure to emerge as NYCN Chairman in Kogi State where he was disgracefully rejected over his role in the illegal Gombe Congress in July 2018 and only to claim a fake Commissionership Status in an Africa Youth Platform recently.

History of the coup plotters shows they are political scavengers on the look for survival through the National Youth Council of Nigeria, little do they know it’s not going to be business as usual. It could be recalled that this same Ikenga was impeached by his faction and succeeded by his Deputy – Yusuf Kelani after Ikenga went incommunicado, of which it was widely circulated that Ikenga was under lock and key in detention over grievous offences against the State. The Ikenga faction openly harmonized with other previous factions to organize the elective congress in the month of August, 2018 for a four-year tenure and Amb Sukubo SaraIgbe Led NYCN leadership remains the only legitimate leadership known to the law, NYCN constitution and Nigeria Youth.

It is extremely important to alert the general public that the latest plot and self declaration by those charlatans are merely aimed at derailing the recent gains of NYCN led by Amb Sukubo Saraigbe Sukubo and the leadership will leave no stone unturned to protect the sanctity of NYCN and will never permit the usurpers to gain prevalence over structures of NYCN. The general public also advised to beware of shenanigans parading in guise of being representatives of National Youth Council of Nigeria, and avoid being duped by impostors. Our leadership however will engage all means possible under the law to restore sanity into the council and ensure the perpetrators are dealt with.

To those who are carried away by the phantasmagoria of deceit by Ikenga/Nihi, you are urged to enquire their dubious claims to avoid spreading mischief and unfounded excuses for their machinations.

Comrade Olugbode Damola H
National PRO NYCN

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