The Director general National Broadcasting Commission (NBC), Mallam Ishaq Modibbo Kawu has reacted to the ongoing media frenzy that reported that he has been charged to court along with at least three other persons by the Federal Government for an alleged N2.5b contract fraud involving a company named Pinnacle The DG NBC Mallam Is’haq Moddibo Kawu has exclusively responded that the purported “ICPC report is untrue” as he argued that he as nothing to hide.

While responding to questions, Mallam Kawu confidently affirmed that the whole deal is open and he has nothing to hide. He said, ” They stated that I recommended “an unqualified company” to the Minister for payment of DSO funds. But the truth is that the company in question, Pinnacle Communications isn’t an “unqualified” company. They won an open competitive bid in 2014 to be appointed the Second National Signal Distributor for the DSO.

In fact, For that license they paid NBC N680million. That’s the single biggest contribution to the DSO so far! There were discrepancies in their license and they went to court against the NBC, for two years, until I was appointed DG in 2016. I got them out of court and they accepted to return to the DSO process. We appointed them as the Signal distributor for the Abuja, Kaduna, Gombe and Asaba switchover. They delivered the Abuja Switch over in December 2016 and Kaduna in 2017. They are concluding work on Gombe and Delta as we speak.

For their work, they were paid N2.5b in May 2017. Meanwhile, ITS the first signal distributor, had been paid N1.7b in 2015. At the time, the Naira exchanged at N160 to the Dollar. When Pinnacle was paid N2.5b in 2017, the exchange rate was N380 to the Dollar.

These payments had been done on the basis of the FG White Paper on the DSO. That’s the instrument of the process. As well as the FG directive that all payments for DSO be approved by the Hon Minister of Information and that’s exactly what we did with the process and payments.

Asked for his opinion on the veracity of the reports by ICPC, he said ” ICPC said they received a petition from a faceless person as the basis of their action. And that was the basis of their original press release that had several factual errors and is also the basis of their alleged court action as published by the online.

The veteran broadcaster and award winning journalist maintained his inculpability in the alleged fraud saying his principles and integrity has never been in doubt as a patriotic Nigerian. Kawu affirmed that ” I have maintained certain basic standards all my life. And those standards and values are my guiding principles in public and private life. They didn’t change in just two and a half years of work as DG NBC. I’ve had 42years of professional media, ideological, family, historical and political life. The standards are consistent for me. I have also held other political and professional responsibilities over the past 42 years. I am dedicated to the good of our country and never forget the values of my background and forefathers. These are the platforms upon which I base my life in public service and they are also the values that guide the work I do as the DG of the National Broadcasting Commission. NBC boss, Kawu Modibo reaffirmed.

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