In Akwa-Ibom State, I grew up to know the long standing tradition which says that it is a taboo to hurt a grandchild. I seriously believe in that vision of our forefathers.

Today, I am beginning to question if that tradition still exist since the new trend is to surreptitiously pull down all noble sons and daughters who fought to earn a place of pride for themselves and the state. I have deliberately kept quiet, observing if the practice of rejection is the new order. I refuse to accept that. We cannot grow in an atmosphere of hatred against one another. We cannot transform vision to reality on such pillars.The level of hatred, subjugation and reprehension of bona-fide indigenes currently playing out is alarming and needs urgent redress.

Comrade Danielson Bamidele Akpan(NANS President) is an indigenous son of Akwa-Ibom whose success as the President of the largest student movement in Africa should have been seen as a blessing rather than a threat as being postulated by professional blackmailers in Akwa-Ibom State.

Is there anything wrong that shared maternal affinity with another state? Does that erode his paternity as an Akwa-Ibomite? In other places, his ascension to the highest ladder of Students Unionism would have earned him a great embrace by all. However, there’s a dangerous twist. Politicization of identity and people’s status on the alter of politics is a weapon of sustaining their belly. I see this as an anomaly. This is what the power mongers have resorted to against their own noble children.

From my personal experience, I have sadly witnessed how Akwa-Ibomites have mounted a wall against their great sons and daughters. I am a victim. Being an Akwa – Ibomite by maternal affinity myself, I have witnessed and still face this odious politics of rejection. I have been told I’m not an Akwa-Ibomite. I have been threatened and assaulted despite being my maternal place of birth. I ran for election on the UniUyo ticket for an executive office in NANS, Akwa- Ibomites rose against me.

They rose against their son Danielson. The battles were as fierce as was repugnant reaction our victory elicited in their wicked minds. Without any support to Danielson Akpan and myself before our election, they still could not accept the reality that we were first called by God to fulfill our destinies and ultimately bring home this glory to all Akwa-Ibomites. Lies, propaganda and mischief have been variously employed to deny us every access to our people and government.

The liars have continued to manufacture series of lies to dwarf the obvious. They continue to label bona-fide indigenes as bastards and interlopers, they have forgotten the burden of responsibility placed on them by debasing the NANS platform that brought them to limelight. Too bad. Their lies have been unconsciously bought by uninformed minds. Is this a tradition that signifies our pride as resourceful citizens?

Today, I feel so pained particularly for my President who is being denied by his own people. I kept on wondering if this pillar of rejection erected by the wicked ones against their own is the true creed of citizenship.

Would they celebrate us if we were criminals?

Would they accept us if we were indolent?

Would they have us in their minds if we were a disgrace to the state?

Sadly, the elders in the state are looking on, the politicians are enjoying the division while this seed of hatred is being planted. Many are even supporting the continuing character assassination against our persons and employing more hands to join the evil plantation. It will only last awhile.

As a loyal team member and the highest office holder in the student movement in Akwa- Ibom State, I, Ekemini Inyang, National Ex- Officio I of NANS, stand by my President and refuse to follow the wicked plot to label him names in his home state. I see beyond politics and wish to say that no matter how long it last, we will always share same history.

Those supporting this evil have their own children whose birth place is Akwa-Ibom. Those who don’t have kids yet should know that one day, their children will surely profit from this evil seed of rejection they have planted against their own brothers and sisters.

I salute the courage and resilience of my President (Danielson Akpan)and feel his pains and urge him to end discriminations and injustices against all Akwa-Ibomites either by paternal or maternal relation. It is the right thing to do.

Injury to one is an injury to All!

God bless Akwa-Ibom State.

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