Safety demands you go the extra mile!

Little wonder, then, that our commitment to air traffic safety is total. We are also totally committed to professional development of our members and to ensuring the continuing safety and efficiency of Air Navigation services.The aviation industry is responsible for thousands of lives every day. In a field where trust is hard earned, and accidents happen, they must hold themselves to a higher standard of accountability.

The public also holds Air traffic Safety Electronic Personnel professional to a certain standard of excellence. They expected to know their job, and know it well. Thousands of hours are spent learning in classrooms, on the job, and later in the field and training on updated techniques or upgraded equipments is never ending.As Air Traffic Engineers and ATSEP professionals, we must have the ability to follow the rules, pay attention to details, and get the job done as scheduled.

As an ATSEP, holding oneself to a higher standard was a way of life. With hundreds of lives depending on you each second via the equipments, professionalism was a requirement of the job. It was this high standard that kept us safe, and training was focused on the perfect execution of each task.Professionalism is an important quality to nurture in any industry or business, but in our world of ATSEP, it takes on even more critical significance.

Among people who work with Navigational Aid equipments been it communication radio, ILS/DME, surveillance radar or power system facilities, casual definitions of professionalism typically touch on technical proficiency. Ordinarily, a personnel licence is supposed to confer authority on the holder for the performance of specific responsibilities and duties for which the holder has been certified qualified to undertake by virtue of his or her level of knowledge and competence. And a rating is a stamp that signifies the acquisition of not only the appropriate knowledge but also acquisition of appropriate psychomotor capacity to discharge a particular duty.

The cornerstone focuses area of any safety management system in which professional behaviours rule and safety actions become a by-product. Professionalism in Air Traffic Safety Electronic Services is the pursuit of excellence through discipline, ethical behaviour and continuous improvement.

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