It is extremely difficult to see an individual or group that wishes to remain in abject poverty or chooses to be poor today either in our hood or anywhere. We all chooses to strive harder to make ends meet and at times people engage in both legal and illegal, godly and ungodly means to outsmart others to become man of means.

No thanks to the system that encourages illicit amass of wealth that makes hard work, loyalty, and sincerity to our nation look stupid and unreasonable. The few who are contented with their life styles are either forced by reality of restriction, or by divine mercy through readings of Godly books or listening to gospel music. Today, I want to write about larger percentage of Nigerians, who get it wrong through a bad or not too good decisions, w h i c h a r e e i t h e r influenced by parenting, environment or Western culture.

Let me start with parent i n f l u e n c e o n t h e i r children or wards, on the choice of careers for either formal or informal pursuit of knowledge. I do not want to use the word ‘Education’ here because most of us believe that education is all about schooling alone. Parents influences most of the choice made by their children, of which it may not suit the interest of such individual, but he/she may have no option than to align with parents’ directives. As you know, the implication of marriage of inconveniences is sorrow and nonchalant attitudes, which often results to job dissatisfactions; with the mentioned reactions, success can not be achieved.

Another factor to view is environmental influence on the choice of careers, we have what we call bandwagon effects on job; every individual tends to follow on flow of direction of a call, some may even abandon what has been sustaining them to do Mr A’s job that his fetching him success without even mastering it. The answer isthat it will kill its initial job and collapses his present doings and affects the fortune of such job, those who are unfit are often eliminated and the fittest will surely survive, but with dwindling output.

I have a brother who is very skillful and very creative, he construct and mould with imaginative mind and translate them into reality; but he wants to study Medicine at all cost, but ironically he can not stand the presence of blood, it makes him sick. We probed him further and he said he prefers to become Medical Doctor instead of Engineer because Doctors are richer, neater

and work lesser than Engineers who are always on the field with their overall, helmet and boot. Unfortunately, he confirmed that it is Engineering work  that gives him joy to satisfaction “see  me  see t r o u b l e o o o ‘ ‘ . Such episode  abound in our society with  negative results, which are not encouraging. We have a  lot of resources which could have been doing better if the fear of poverty had not overtaken their conclusion in their choice of selection. Some lives with such regrets for life.

The third factor is the influence of Western World around us. I will say this is one of the oldest means to impoverish us. It first weaken our minds, enslaves us and take away our heritage stylishly. With emphasis, we are make to know that it is only through classrooms alone that we can be wealthy, yes, they do not stop at that, we were made to despise anybody that does not go to school. We were told that it is just only education that can give us wisdom.

Our fore fathers were manipulated by the colonists to believe that anybody that does not attend school will never be prosperous and will not become an influential

man in the society. They made our parents to abandon farming, artifacts, and other vocational wealth creation jobs and rushes to classrooms. It is disgusting to see that our hood youths sees farming and other vocation as a waste of time or part time and a job for the lazy people.

No youth is willingly ready to go to farm to cultivate   a n y c r o p s e x c e p t b y circumstances. We import virtually everything for daily needs but blame government for our self induced poverty.

 Ask a bustling guy to farm to create wealth, is reply will gear towards what PMB/Osinbajo children does; see how myopic our reasoning are. Though we

can not blame the youths in entirety, the youths have been taken away from the farmland for ages but what are we really doing in cities when larger percentage of the youths are idle but continue to eats what comes from farms and villages; no thanks to ban on importation of notable foreign goods that can be produced here. We patronize Western World at our own detriments and the few that benefits from the importations makes it look like government is our collective enemies

There are some individuals who refuses to abandon their black culture heritage Farming and Artifacts in totality, they combines it with schooling and it better their lots today. Their offsprings inherits knowledge of their works, improvises it through what they are learning in schools. Point of observation please, I am not saying Education can not make you to be wealthy, especially in our country where we value certificate most, but Education with vocation can make you wealthier and wealthiest, also you may not even need to stress yourself about what to be done after retirement from government engagement.

The scope is this, check your locality, do background findings, you will discover that most of the landlords and landladies who owns houses are not PHD holders, some are not even graduates, they are living fine and even employed men of books to become their Personal Assistant, Secretary, and other delegation of duties.

Most of our leaders owns hectares of land for Arable and Livestock Cultivation. The civil and public servants owns hectares of land for varieties of plantations and often relies on the lowly to do the labours. It is not too late to combine vocation with schooling. The bitter truth is that it will keep you busy and off crimes, also the fight over minimum and living wages will be brought to a reasonable end; we can all own portion of farm land, you can start with a garden if you are threatened with the capital to go far but you will be doing yourself more harms than good if you continue to blame anybody for your poverty after reading this.

Education and vocation will make you to stand out, give you room to decide on what to do with your time and you will be stress less if you want to retire from government job if you are employed. The surest way to have a rest of mind is to engage our youths on a personal volition choice of a course of studies and vocation with a guidance from parents and masters for tutelage and mastery. That is the best way to create wealth today.

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