In its constant quest to improve technology and enhance air safety in the sky the aviation industry globally has earned itself the reputation of being one of the most dynamic and sophisticated as a safety oriented agency. Nigerian Airspace Management Agency is leaving no stone unturned in constantly scaling up technologies to ensure the nations space remains safe for all air travel.

Gradually it is becoming increasingly clear to discerning Nigerians that Air mishap or incidents have no bearing on the safety or otherwise of the airspace, recent air crashes in the country and elsewhere have been traced to our pilot’s judgment, fatigue and technical problems. In all these hypothetical instances disaster resulting in loss of lives and maiming, and destruction have been the outcome of most crashes and early findings.
The Nigerian Airspace Management Agency has offered critical interventions in the country’s airspace with such operational facilities as NAVAIDS , incorporating instrument landing system, very high OMNI directional radio range and total radar coverage of Nigeria (TRACON) among others. NAMA has succeeded in delivering safe skies to the country with slogan of symbol of Air safety. ‘TRACON is the pivot which was commissioned on October 18 2010 it has 9 RADAR locations in Lagos Abuja, Kano and Port Harcourt with each having both primary and secondary RADAR co–located . There are other five stands alone stations in Ilorin, Maiduguri, Numan, Talata Mafara and Obubra. The primary radar has a range of 60 nautical miles while the secondary radar has a range of 250 Nautical miles. The overlapping range enables the air traffic controllers to monitor flight far beyond the shores of the country with assistance engineer on the platform of CNSIATM.

At the TRACON control rooms at the major Airports in Lagos Kano Abuja and Port Harcourt one can easily see the screen and the controllers at work. At these airports one can view aircrafts landing at the neighboring flight information regions through the monitoring screens. It is reckoned that since there are more than 160 flights in the sky daily the new NAMA drive would attract tremendous patronage to benefit both the company and the nation at large.
Meanwhile NAMA has since completed the 84 survey of 26 airports and already prepared them for Perform Base Navigator System (PBN). Procedures for the four major airports in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Kano have been completed while the trials for PBN have arrived recently by the same airlines.
Also as part of the efforts to add more value to safety of the skies, the Agency is deploying VSAT facilities and system for better seamless navigation procedures. Also the Agency has also installed solar power airfield lightings. The installation of lighting at these airports has galvanized the tempo of night and low visibility operation thereby reducing operational cost to airlines. These agencies also energies immensely because of how maintenance cost. The VSAT installation at II designated centre across the country to automate aeronautical information services. These stations include Sokoto, Ilorin, Jos Maiduguri, Lagos, Kano, Wukar, Port Harcourt and Abuja.
In conclusion; for a better seamless and efficient safety in the skies NAMA stands out among its equals. Many thanks to the progressive minister of transport, Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi whose wisdom and expertise made our skies very much safe for us.

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